FULCRUM is a boutique investment firm specializing in the trading and analysis of distressed and special situation investment opportunities. Fulcrum focuses on legally intensive or litigation driven investments. Fulcrum combines proprietary capital with an established sales, trading and advisory business to provide robust market liquidity on a worldwide basis.
We are a top-tier institution in the secondary market for distressed claims, litigation and other illiquid debt, having closed nearly $35 billion in trades since inception. As specialists in illiquid an distressed instruments and litigation, we regularly provide creative and bespoke solutions to our counterparties. Our distressed trading activities focus on the financial obligations of leveraged and financially troubled corporations and sovereigns, with an emphasis on entities that are involved in a workout, restructuring or liquidation.
Our special situation activities focus primarily on private market transactions involving illiquid investment opportunities available in event-driven and inefficient trading environments. We tend to focus on litigation driven investments. Due to the firm’s extensive network we have the ability to participate in most situations regardless of size, complexity or geographic scope.